The Asia Legacy and The Asia Legacy II—two modern missions books

The Asia Legacy I and II
Stories of Navigator pioneers

By Sandy Fairservice

239/285 pages
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"Well done, informative and motivational...Herculean service to our movement and to the wider family of God...crafted accounts that will be of permanent value"—Donald McGilchrist

"A mammoth and awesome task so well done! All the Navigators in Asia are indebted to you for your work"—Royston Koh 

Book One Chapters:

1. Warren and Ruth Myers: Asia Missionaries of the Great Generation
2. Paul and Elizabeth Wagner: the Birth of a Movement
3. Bob and Jean Boardman: Multiplying in Japan
4. Lu Stephens: to the Heart of the Japanese Woman
5. Doug Sparks: Father of a Multitude
6. Ron and Joyce York: Raising National Leaders
7. Joe Simmons: a Passion for Spiritual Multiplication
8. Gene and Helen Tabor: the Missionary Who Loves Filipinos
9. JoAnn Ray: Women for her Life
10. Dave and Mary Dawson and their Magnificent Obsession

Book Two Chapters:
1.Jim and Selene Chew: A Passion for the Kingdom
2. John Ridgway: Into the Hindu World
3. Gene and Mary Denler: The Power of the Gospel
4. Jake and Vera Combs: Making Disciples in Mandarin
5. Bill and Mirian Lee: China and Her Peoples
6. Paul and Margaret Hensley: On the Wings of the Morning
7. Waldron Scott: The Visionary Leader by Paul Hensley
8. Jim and Carolyn North: Out of the Spiritual Vacuum
9. Marcia Elliott: Women for Indonesia
10. Roy Robertson: King of the Mountain

These collections of inspiring stories provides insight into the lives of these men and women of faith. their recollections will challenge you to a deeper commitment to Christ's Great Commission to make disciples in every nation.

Sandy Fairservice, a professional writer and author, and a Navigator, criss-crossed Asia and North America, staying with the pioneers, observing them and interviewing them extensively for these books. The twenty chapters, written with the full and willing co-operation of these people of conviction, chronicle individual journeys, with their joys and pains.

When you have read the pioneers' stories, you will want to add their names to those we call great.

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"I believe the Asia Legacy project will be of considerable significance not only in Asia but throughout the Navigator world." — the late Lorne C. Sanny, a former President of The Navigators.