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A series of three and a half-minute radio talks that take the listener logically from no-God unbelief to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ in 52 episodes.

The talks are the product of Sandy Fairservice's over 45-year walk with Jesus Christ, and a good deal of know-how about living the Christian life.

Sandy has international teaching experience and is a member of the scientific club, the Royal Society.

He holds to the authority and sufficiency of the Bible, and when conflict between the Bible and scientific speculations occurs, the Bible wins, hands-down.

Below is the script of the first talk.

Episode 1: Hello. You don’t know me yet, so let me introduce myself, and then tell you what I hope to do in this series of short talks.

My Scottish family brought me to New Zealand in 1952, part of the great exodus from Europe after the Second World War. I’m old enough to remember the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, the launch of the Russian Sputnik and New Zealand’s terrible polio epidemic. I got most of my education in New Zealand, and I know the culture, so don’t be fooled by my slight Scottish accent. I also know the British culture, and something about Americans and Asians.

I worked in Britain, New Zealand and Australia in radio. Radio has always been my first love, though for reasons that might become evident later on, I retrained in journalism and writing. So I have spent most of my time at a keyboard, writing all sorts of things—news reporting, feature writing, short stories—even a few books. I married in 1975, and I’m still married.

In 1966 my Christian heritage, my interest in science and an enquiring mind conspired to cause me to search for more than a material explanation for the universe, and I found one that satisfied me deeply—intellectually, emotionally and morally. And that satisfaction is what I want to share with you, as time permits.

New Zealand and much of the western world is still cruising on the benefits of her Christian heritage, brought from Europe by missionaries and settlers. God-haters and a few politicians—there is a difference, I believe—they've done their best and continue their crusade to move us all away from that Christian heritage and belief in God towards what they call a secular society. We all know who they are. Atheists and so-called rationalists are working hard (irrationally) to dismiss the supernatural, and offering materialistic explanations for everything—from the brain to the universe. Darwin gave them what seemed a good tool for a while, and a lot of sincere but unschooled Christians accommodated this new idea.

But evolutionary theory is seriously flawed, and I may touch on those weaknesses some time in the future. Always there is the presupposition that God Does Not Exist. I am saying that God Does Exist and that he (for that is what the Bible calls him) is deeply involved with our fractured universe, planet, society and individual. God has always had a plan, and it's working today.

How do I know all this? I read the Bible. I have also read the Koran, and for reasons that will surely emerge, I prefer the Bible hands down. As a student of the Bible for over 40 years, I have done some teaching, and as a teacher I am inclined to set homework. So let me encourage you to get that dusty Bible out of hiding and open it—anywhere—and read it, and ask God, even if you don’t believe in him, “If you are there, speak to me.” He will. And, God willing, so will I, right here.

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