To Sandy's CV

Judy Fairservice became a Christian in New Zealand at an early age through a local church. In her teens she believed God wanted her to be a nurse so trained and qualified, then went to England to round off her experience at Westminster Hospital in London. 

In Europe she met Navigator women who could answer her spiritual questions and as a result Judy became part of the outreach and disciple-making fellowship in Great Britain. There God used her to found a work among nurses. 

When she returned to New Zealand some years later, she served as national office secretary and Personal Assistant to Joe Simmons, founder of the New Zealand Navigator work. Again God used her to start a work among nurses. 

Judy and Sandy married in 1975, and she has helped him in Navigator communications since then, at the same time continuing to share Christ with and disciple many women.

Judy has twice served on the New Zealand Navigator Board of Directors, and teaches women’s groups wherever she is invited. 

Judy has also written many articles for magazines, and has co-authored a book with Sandy. 

Judy and Sandy currently mentor a group of professional men and women in Christchurch. Judy has learned much through personal suffering.