The Messiah:
More than a Man with a Message

The eternal Creator God, who knows and controls all things, and who is everywhere by his Spirit, is also a perfect Person. He is perfectly pure, good, just and loving.  When the people he put on Earth were led, by a fallen angel, to distrust and disobey God, they soon filled the world with impurity, injustice and violence. When this happened, God’s perfect purity and goodness demanded a separation between himself and people on Earth. His perfect justice demanded the death penalty for all the ways we break his moral law. But his perfect love made a way to save us and bring us back to himself. 

He came into our world as the Messiah Jesus so that he could offer his perfect life as a substitute for us all. He alone could do this because his one life was worth more than the lives of all people. He then proved who he was by walking out of his grave with a body that will never die, showing himself to his followers and rising up to heaven before their eyes. From there he has promised to come again – this time in his full majesty and power as Judge and King of all people.

Will that be a day of joy or fear for you? It can be a Day of great joy, because now, all who submit to the Messiah’s authority, admit their guilt and trust his death on the cross as God’s full payment of their debt of love to him, are completely forgiven by God and made perfectly pure in his sight. Their lives are recreated as God’s holy temple, and God’s Holy Spirit pours his life, love and goodness into them.  They are received into God’s family as his own sons and daughters.  They begin to take on the likeness of their father in heaven by helping to rebuild right relationships and bring God’s blessing of peace, joy, love and hope.  As followers of the Way of the Messiah, their greatest joy is in knowing him and making him known, and when their time on earth is finished, God will give them bodies like the Messiah’s and welcome them into his perfect home forever.

People all over the world are reading
  The Holy Injil
and discovering the real Isa.


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Say: O People of the Scripture. You have nothing (of guidance) till you observe the Taurat and the Injil and that which was revealed to you from the Lord.'
Sura 5:68

Read the four historical accounts of the Messiah Jesus, Isa Al Masih, at www.holyinjil.info Discover for yourself the real Isa.


Finding the Way of Life from the Holy Book

1. God’s Love
The Holy Book reminds us that God wants to bless us by drawing us close to Himself.

85:14 God is full of loving kindness.
24:35 God is the light of the heavens and the earth.
33:41- God and His angels want to bless you by leading you from darkness to light.
38:45 God says, “Tell about My servants, Ibrahim, Ishaq, and Ya’qub: men of strength and vision whose minds I made pure with the thoughts of the world to come. They will live with Me among the righteous whom I have chosen.”
16:123 Follow the faith of Ibrahim My holy servant. (Whom God chose as His friend 4:125.) 

 2. Our Rebellion
Like Adam and Eve, we have let pride, selfishness and greed control us. We have broken God’s laws which teach us how to related in loving ways. Our minds are filled with wrong thoughts and desires. As a result, we cannot live in God’s holy presence. Because of this, we know that we will be ashamed on the Day of Judgement.

2:35- God said: “Adam, live with your wife in the Garden. Enjoy all of its fruit, but don’t come near this one tree. If you do, you will both become guilty of disobeying My command.”But Satan lured them into eating the forbidden fruit and caused them to be sent out of the Garden (away from God’s presence.)
2:170 When their descendants are told: “Follow what God has revealed,” they reply, “We will do what our fathers did . . .”
12:53 (Yusuf) “. . . not that I claim to be free from sin—man’s soul is prone to evil.”
102:1 Human hearts are taken up with worldly gain from the cradle to the grave.
21:47 God will set up just scales on the Day of Resurrection (Judgement), so that no-one shall be wronged in the least.
48:6 . . . that He may punish the hypocrites and idolaters who think evil of God.

3. God’s Mercy 
God in His mercy planned to send His Word into the world as our Intercessor and Saviour. He is able to plead with God for us according to the truth. He came as God’s final, perfect sacrifice for sin, picturred by the sheep God provided as a substitute for Nabi Ibrahim’s son (37:99-110).

3:45 The angels said to Mary: “God says, ‘Rejoice in a word from HIm! His name is Isa Al Masih son of Mary. (A holy son from God without a human father 19:16-19). He will be honoured in this world and in the world to come, for his is pleasing to God and hear to Him.”
19:21 He shall be a Sign for all people and a Mercy from God.
78:38 On the Day of Resurrection when the Spirit and the angels stand in their ranks, they shall not speak, but only Him who has God’s permission and speaks what is right (43:86).
4:158, 159 God lifted Him (Isa Al Masih) up to Himself. God is Mighty and Wise. none of the Jews believed in Him before His death, and on the Day of Resurrection He will testify against them.
48: 1- We have given you a glorious victory so that God may forgive your past and future sins and perfect His goodness to you — so that He may guide you to a straight path and give you His Mighty help. (This victory pictures God’s great victory in bringing believers home to heaven.)
5:6 . . . God wants to purify you and perfect his favour to you, so you may give thanks.

4. Our Response
When we understand this Way of Life, we are glad to bow in submission to God like Nabi Ibrahim. We are ready to fully trust God’s chosen Intercessor and Saviour, the one He sent from heaven to die for our sins, rise to life again, then be lifted up to Him.

3:50 (When Isa Al Masih came, He said): “I bring you a sign from your Lord: therefore fear God and obey me . . . ”
3:193 “Lord, we have heard someone calling us to the true faith, saying: ‘Believe in your Lord’, and we have believed. Lord, forgive us our sins, remove our evil deeds from us and make us die with the righteous. Lord, do for us what You promised through Your apostles, so we won’t be shamed on the Day of Resurrection.”
5:111 When God inspired the followers of Isa Al Masih to believe in Him and in His apostle, they said, “We believe—see how we bow in glad surrender.”(Here we see the true meaning of Islam—gladly surrendering our hearts and lives to God.)

5. God’s Blessing
When we respond to God in this way, He pours out His abundant blessing upon us. He cleanses our hearts, forgives our sins, gives us His gift of Eternal Life and makes us His sons and daughters forever.

57:27 God gave Isa Al Masih the Gospel and put compassion and mercy in the hearts of his followers.
61:14 God gave power to those who believed (in Isa Al Masih) and victory over their enemies (3:55).
44:7- God has made the Faith dear to you and made it beautiful in your hearts, so that you have come to hate unbelief, wrongdoing and disobedience. These are the ones who live righteous lives through God’s grace and favour.
58:22 God has written the Faith in their hearts and strengthened them with a Spirit of His own. He will welcome them to gardens watered by running streams, where they will live forever. God is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him . . . (The righteous will find their joy in God and will take delight in them.)

News: Many young Iranian Muslims, disillusioned with the Islamic Revolution, have become believers in Jesus, the Messiah. They meet secretly for fellowship and worship, and share their faith discreetly. Others have believed the message of Jesus through them. Some have been executed and others are in prison for their faith. A network of secret, underground churches exists throughout the country. "I cannot explain it, this peace I feel in my heart about Jesus. I cannot put it into words," says one believer. Mosques that were often filled before the revolution are empty today. —July 2006

Now read the four historical accounts of the Messiah Jesus, Isa Al Masih, at www.holyinjil.info

Say: O People of the Scripture. You have nothing (of guidance) till you observe the Taurat and the Injil and that which was revealed to you from the Lord.'
Sura 5:68

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