These Adobe pdf files are not in any particular order yet, but each title does give a good idea of what the file contains. New resources will be added from time to time.

An old message remastered on CD: Former New Zealand Navigator director Joe Simmons preaching on 
The Lordship of Christ
his swan-song, at Massey University in 1983. 

Excellent value and technical quality. Ideal for playing to the half-hearted!

Yours for only 
$NZ 10 plus p&P ($2 within New Zealand).

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A Celtic prayer of commitment: Patrick's Breastplate
Caring for new Christians—follow up
Christianity and the Story of the Universe (Bible references)
Christianity in One Hour (outline)
Daniel's visions
Developing Christian Character
Discovering and Using Your Spiritual Gift
Evangelism in the New Millennium

Fishing With Jesus
Good Seed
Helping Young Christians Grow
How to Have Daily Talks With God
How we should relate to one another (list of verses)
Interpretation is for Everyone
Lake Monster in Papua New Guinea
Living a Godly Life in an Ungodly World
Marriage Verses
Modern Excuses Against Believing in God (with answers)
No-Stress Evangelism
Parable of the Fisherman
Practical Follow Up
Praying With Others
Romans Test (So You Think You Know Romans?)
Romans Test With Answers
--(no cheating, now)
Sandy's story: From evolution to eternal life
Some Results of the Fall
(And the Mercy of God)
Studying the Bible
What to Do When You Are Attacked
(behaving biblically)
Theocentric Evangelism by Wong Kim Tok (God has gone before you)
Topical Memory System Checklist--memorise Scripture with a friend
Author of the Scofield Bible notes
Origins of Dispensationalism

Two helpful websites
www.navigators.org has many pages, but the one you want is the resources page where you can download helpful things such as the Bridge Illustration, the Wheel Illustration, and the Hand Illustration. Print them out and use them as you help others.
www.discipleshiplibrary.com is the radio outreach of The Navigators. Here you can listen to streaming audio talks by the pioneers, such as Lorne Sanny, Dawson Trotman and LeRoy Eims, including classic addresses gathered over 60 years. LeRoy's Daily Walk page is set out as a year's supply of daily, three-minute sermons in simple English. Everything is also available in MP3.
So if you are in need of a shot in the arm, or a bagful of tracts, these are the sites for you.