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Sandy Fairservice was born in Scotland and introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ by one of the early New Zealand Navigators while living in the Auckland, New Zealand, YMCA during an electronics training course.

As a result, he moved close to the early New Zealand Navigator work during his broadcasting industry career. His principal mentor in those days and since was Joe Simmons, who founded the New Zealand work. 

From Christchurch, Sandy went to Melbourne to be part of the founding of the Australian Navigator work. Three years later, in 1974, God led him into Navigator Communications where he has worked ever since. He retrained in journalism, and brought his abilities in many media into play for The Navigators. 

Over the years Sandy has introduced young men to Christ and discipled them, some of them carrying on spiritual multiplication in New Zealand and overseas. Publicly, Sandy speaks with enthusiasm and challenge as he communicates God’s truths. 

Sandy is the author of Discover God’s Will For You, Sunburst (a novel), and, with Judy, Gold in Your Bottle, a hobby book on finding gold in New Zealand Sandy and Judy rewrote the book a few years ago and it reappeared under the new title, Gold for the Taking

Sandy has completed an historical project for the Asian Navigators which has been published in two books, The Asia Legacy—Stories of Navigator Pioneers. These twenty pioneers' stores can be purchased on line from this website or NavMedia Singapore.

The Navigators of New Zealand asked Sandy to write up their history, which begins in 1944. This task has now been completed.

Sandy and Judy live in Christchurch, New Zealand, where they mentor a community of professional people. The Tuesday Community is committed to Christ's Great Commission: evangelism, discipling and spiritual generations. Sandy teaches this and other biblical material from time to time, and has led discipleship courses in the Philippines and the USA.